Diilaamo has versatile support for time-tracking:

  • Time is tracked per task, with task-specific hourly rates (and currencies) if necessary.
  • Enter time manually or start a timer and come back later to save a time entry.
  • Billable and non-billable time can be tracked separately.
  • Each time entry can have a note about what was done.
  • Time entries can be transferred to invoices (with their notes).
  • Time entries can be edited afterwards, as long as they haven't been invoiced.
  • Time tracking works at the minute level, so you can record time as precisely as necessary.
Contact Management / Classifications

Organize contacts based on classifications that you can define yourself.

  • You can use classifications for example to describe the stages in your sales pipeline, as seen in the picture to the right.
  • Classifications are fully customizable, so you can use them in ways that make sense for your business specifically.
  • Each contact can have several classifications at the same time.
  • Later on, you'll be able to classify clients, projects and tasks too.
Scheduled Tasks

Schedule tasks for a specific user, date, time and duration.

  • Each contact can have its own scheduled tasks, so you can use this feature to manage your interactions with potential clients.
  • Define individual working hours for employees, and schedule tasks for them based on their availability (considering upcoming scheduled tasks).
  • Task scheduling works based on customizable "types of time" that can be configured on an individual basis. So for example, you could only schedule meetings between 9am and 11am and other work later on in the day.
Team Based Workflow

Diilaamo's workflow is based on Teams.

People are assigned to Teams, and Teams are assigned to work on Projects.

Everyone can enter time for any Tasks in the Projects their Teams are assigned to.

This way you can choose which Projects and Tasks can be seen by which employees, but don't need to micromanage them - Teams don't change often, and people can pick new Tasks to work on by themselves.

Pricing By Value

Diilaamo's pricing needs to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

The idea is that each company has different needs, and finds Diilaamo useful in different ways.

Diilaamo is priced in terms of major features, at a monthly rate per user.

The total price depends on which major features your company benefits from, and how many active users you have.

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